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  3. Corporate Philosophy

Corporate Philosophy

1. We continually create new values on the basis of customer requirements, with analytical technology and its related solutions as a platform for our business. 2. We contribute to sustainable development of society by providing useful products and services. 3. We continue to grow as a company trusted by our customers and society while placing importance on our human resources and developing a vibrant corporate culture.

Rules of Conduct

We aim to 1. Achieve sustainable customer satisfaction through the supply of the highest level of analytical technologies and related solutions. 2. Continue to be a company that values trust and is trusted by our customers and society. 3. Develop a robust organizational structure and a high earning capacity, maintain strong growth. 4. Compete globally and contribute to the world. 5. Nurture human resources while maintaining a vibrant corporate culture and aim to be a company where employees take pride in working and find their lives worth living.

Corporate Slogan

Analysis is at the core of all developments made by modern civilization. Utilizing our state-of-the-art analytical technology, we will contribute to the creation of a bright future for both individuals and society at a whole.

SCAS Europe Code of Conduct

To encourage excellence in the performance by our employees, SCAS Europe has adopted the “Code of Conduct”. It summarizes the rules, principles, values, and employee expectations, behavior, and relationships that are placed upon our employees and which are considered as significant. SCAS Europe believes that operating under “Code of Conduct” is fundamental to the success of our business.